PILE TURNING and AERATING equipment have come of age in the commercial print and finishing operation. More often than not, the labor intensive manual repiling and repetitive down piling associated with many preloading and post press operations is unnecessary. Ergonomic, free standing pile turners which simply invert paper stacks are now available. Albo System Pile turners can be loaded at floor level and some even include highly efficient aeration features, fully automated functions and versatile de-racking options. Traditionally, crude jogger aerators were only applicable to high volume folding carton work. Today, compact semi portable pile turners with light weight sheet capabilities have evolved. New paper handling systems meet the increased demands of higher speed commercial bindery operations and continuous feed processes. They directly address the safety concerns and labor issues of even the smallest operation. ALBO SYSTEM PILE TURNING During the simple turning process, the paper stack is loaded onto a platform via a pallet jack. That platform and an identical one above, are gently clamped together to support the load while it is tipped back to a table. The pile is stood on it's gripper edge. The paper pile is supported on either end by the adjustable platforms and the table is rotated 180 degrees. When the table is tipped back down the opposite platform is on the ground and load has been inverted. Process time 45 seconds maximum. Typical pile turner applications include; + Pallet / skid manipulation, such as preloading one or more paper piles from a wooden skid to a continuous feed Stratis plastic pallet or changing from an in-house dolly back to a shipping skid. + Quick turning entire loads before cutting or folding. Press and bindery job planning benefit, by allowing the press room to print and deliver the job either folio up without extra repetitive handling. + Turning of semi dry loads with less handling risk because minimal clamp pressure required to invert the stack. + Even web signatures and sheeted work that occasionally need to be inverted or realigned, can be turned. ALBO SYSTEM AERATING Aeration options blast a controlled charge of air between the sheets. The aerator mechanism passes back and forth across the paper pile which is horizontally positioned, while half way through the the turning process. This process is usually combined with jogging of the pile to a side guide alignment bar. Jogging is achieved through adjustable vibration of the aeration table upon which the sheets are standing on edge. The table can be tilted at various angles toward the alignment bar. Process time minimum 2-3 minutes, for full load. Maximum depends on original condition of pile. Aeration capabilities allow for; - Better sheet separation, which improves throughput speeds and nonstop feeding potential. Higher machine speeds with fewer misfeeds will result. - Easy misprint, defective sheet and sample removal from the pile during the aeration process. With certain high quality aerating systems, the aeration mechanism is stopped in the position where the load is tagged and those sheets which are being jogged and aerated, can be pulled loose from their suspended state within the stack. - Re-squaring a poorly stacked pile of paper. In a pile turning machine, realignment can best be achieved through simultaneous jogging and aerating of the paper. - Offset spray powder and paper dust to be blown out. - Drying or sheet cooling enhancement.Although all preloaded or inverted loads may not require aeration, if you don't have aeration included, as part of your pile turning system, you're back to repetitive hand winding when the sheets are sticking together or you will need to down pile to remove any defective sheets in the middle of the load. The functionality of pile turner / aerator is dependent upon the design efficiency of the aeration system and vibration table. Control and repeatability of a given set of air and vibration parameters is critical. Operator success and ability to improve skills is determined by precise yet simple controls, proper training and a little practice for technique with the very light weight stock. Due to the low tech nature of the tasks associated with paper handling and previous limitations and misconceptions, paper handling systems are often overlooked. Most new users are surprised at the variety of applications, the time and effort which are saved, and the improved moral of a safer smarter workplace. When considering the specification of an Albo System pile turning and aerating system; - Minimum and maximum pile height, minimum and maximum sheet size, maximum pile weight requirements and maximum skid size must be determined to properly size the equipment. - If floor space is a concern, paper handling equipment that infeeds and delivers to the same side saves floor space and can help minimize footprint. - Semi-portable paper handling equipment will offer the most versatility. Move the pile turner only if you have to, without giving up any stability, durability or ease of loading. -Advanced options which are being perfected by Albo System include: ever improved light weight sheet aeration capabilities, de-racking systems (the ability to remove press boards and corners), air and vibration function programmability, and full automation of turning and aerating. High speed productivity and worker safety are the main motivation for investment in pile turning equipment. Financial justification is achieved in part, through the efficiency of reduced of paper handling labor hours and the ability to attract, train and retain high quality operators.In addition, workman's compensation claims due to repetitive motion injuries decrease when a pile turner is used to avoid back problems, carpal tunnel and fatigue during long hour shifts.With current low (entry level) unemployment, an aging skilled work force, increased insurance rates and higher competitive demands, the Albo System paper handling system really has come of age.For the progressive binding finishing and printing operation, pile turners and paper handling equipment provide dependable productivity in our ever increasing high speed printing and publishing industry.
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